I am a largely self-taught and self-made marketing designer. 


I began my career as an assistant in an ad agency, where I saw firsthand the idea that creative work was binary — you either were or weren't "a creative". I knew which side I wanted to be on and that I needed to make the switch sooner than later.


In the early hours before my long, arduous commute into Washington, D.C., I sat in a coffee shop doing whatever I could to build up a body of work, taking on free or discounted projects and creating spec work to show my style and range. Not long after, I got someone to take a chance on me and got my first creative job.


In a few short years and without a formal design degree, I built a successful design and marketing career from scratch and wound up leading national marketing campaigns for a celebrity-backed tech startup that was revolutionizing its industry. 


Today, I own Sarah Casterline Design and leverage my 8+ years of design and marketing experience and Yale and Hubspot digital marketing certifications to impact the brands and bottom lines of entrepreneurs and startups.

I have a special focus on helping female founders grow their reach and impact online and raise funding in a still male-dominated space.

The relentlessly positive, scrappy, no-bull-crap-all-value energy that helped me build my personal brand is what I bring to all of my clients. I do a lot with a little, get as invested in the success of my clients as they are, and passionately create brands with personality & meaning.

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Work smarter, not harder. Efficiency + organization are key to my business and being a working mom. It’s better for everyone when I can deliver high value items because I am allocating resources well and focusing on things that matter. I don’t waste time - mine or anyone else’s.

Style, Taste, and Design Matter. I deeply believe in the power of good design and what we create together. I've seen the results first hand. But the passion itself runs deep. When I die, I can only hope people say, “She had great taste.”

Intelligence + Strategy Fuel Everything.  I’m only where I am today because I’m strategic about everything that I do. Nothing is by accident. I help bring clarity of purpose and goals to my brands so that they have a brand roadmap.

Do it enthusiastically or not at all.  Once I have a general sense of where I’m going, I enthusiastically and ferociously do whatever is necessary to move the needle forward. I bring this energy to all my clients to create a real impact in their businesses.

Keep Growing + Adapting.  I am always adding new tools to my toolbelt and adapting as I go. A growth mindset is crucial in marketing and in life.

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