I am a largely self-taught and self-made marketing designer. 


I began my career as an assistant in an ad agency, where I saw firsthand the idea that creativity was binary — you either were or weren't "a creative". I knew which side I wanted to be on and that I needed to make the switch sooner than later.


In the early hours before my long, arduous commute into Washington, D.C., I sat in a coffee shop doing whatever I could to build up a body of work, taking on free or discounted projects and creating spec work to show my style and range. Not long after, I got someone to take a chance on me and got my first creative job.


In a few short years and without a formal design degree, I built a successful creative career from scratch and wound up leading the national marketing effort for a celebrity-backed tech startup that was revolutionizing its industry. 


Today, I continue to make an impact on the brands and the bottom lines for companies big and small. The relentlessly positive, scrappy, no-bull-crap-all-value energy that helped me build my personal brand is what I bring to all of my clients. I do a lot with a little, get as invested in the success of my clients as they are, and passionately create brands with personality & meaning.

Frequently asked questions

What if I only need a logo?

Branding is so much more than a logo. Strategy drives everything I create, and that includes the positioning, style identity, and specific value that you have to give your target customer. There is no successful branding without strategy and cohesive identity that is executed in every stage of your customer's journey. I help identify all the areas that you can provide value and consistency for your customer, thus creating loyalty, increasing brand awareness and revenue. I help brands that are ready to invest in this crucial step in the business process.

What are your prices?

Prices vary depending on the scope and timeline of the project, so after learning more about your business and goals, I create a custom proposal for you. That being said, I work with businesses that are ready to invest in the growth of their brand. Strategic brand design prices start at $1,750.

Why should I work with you?

I don't think you necessarily should! Firstly, we need to make sure it's a good fit.
Do you like the style of other brands that I've created? That's a good start. Do you have a clear idea of your business goals and the value you bring to your audience?

I start by getting to know you and seeing if I'm the right person to help. If I feel that I am, I am confident in the transformation that I can provide for your business to get in front of the right people, grow brand value, and increase revenue. I start by performing a customer journey audit to see where the best opportunities are to create a memorable brand experience, and provide a custom proposal for strategic brand assets. These are based on the current state of your business, your target audience, and your budget. One thing is for sure - I do a lot with a little and am as passionate about your brand's success as you are.

How do you show success?

I know what we all care about - ROI. I don't approach things as a graphic designer. I am a marketer and communicator first, who also understands that beautiful, powerful imagery is a powerful tool to persuade, educate, inspire audiences. My mantra is "communicate, don't decorate" and I know that great strategy and design combined can crush marketing goals. I work with you to determine the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that make sense for your business goals. In the digital age, there are so many more ways to track growth and success, and we create with the end goal in mind.



Work smarter, not harder. Efficiency + organization are key to my business and being a working mom. It’s better for everyone when I can deliver high value items because I am allocating resources well and focusing on things that matter. I don’t waste time - mine or anyone else’s.

Style, Taste, and Design Matter. I deeply believe in the power of good design and what we create together. I've seen the results first hand. But the passion itself runs deep. When I die, I can only hope people say, “She had great taste.”

Intelligence + Strategy Fuel Everything.  I’m only where I am today because I’m strategic about everything that I do. Nothing is by accident. I help bring clarity of purpose and goals to my brands so that they have a brand roadmap.

Do it enthusiastically or not at all.  Once I have a general sense of where I’m going, I enthusiastically and ferociously do whatever is necessary to move the needle forward. I bring this energy to all my clients to create a real impact in their businesses.

Keep Growing + Adapting.  I am always adding new tools to my toolbelt and adapting as I go. A growth mindset is crucial in marketing and in life.

Want me on your team?